Clash at the Kobold Cauldron

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Something's wrong with the people of Knotside. A few weeks ago, a popular new liquor called Red Claw showed up in the city's many taverns. Anyone that took even a sip of this spirit immediately wanted another taste. At first, these desires were nothing more than cravings. But soon, those cravings grew to obsession. Then obsession turned to violence. Now, the city of Knotside faces collapse as the red-eyed Red Claw addicts stalk the streets, desperate for more.

This standalone adventure is designed for a party of level 10 characters and will challenge the heroes to discover the mystery of this devilish Red Claw brew.

This collaboration was a freely made project between DMDave, Cze & Peku, Paper Forge, It's A DnD Monster Now, The Griffon's Saddlebag, MusicD20, and Foundry Virtual Tabletop. If you haven't already, consider becoming a patron to help support the passion and effort that goes into this work. Quality D&D content gets better when it's supported by people like you!

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