World of Solace - Campaign 1

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Our story begins in the continent of Telduria, once the natural home of elves and Dwarves, they now occupy only a few settlements throughout the land. Hundreds of years ago when the humans first arrived, the once peaceful continent was thrown into conflict and war. Since then, many wars have been waged by human factions over land and the many rich natural resources on Telduria.

Due to the deforestation efforts enacted the Elven population rapidly declined and now only a few settlements remain in the deep heart of the forests. The Dwarves also retreated to the north, hiding in the mountains and establishing new cities deep within the earth. It is said the continent was thrown into a deep turmoil when the Black Order used dark magic to summon a void dragon causing immense damage to the world of Solace, although few live to confirm the truths of this world-changing event. Even so, a great hero known as Alakazam was said to have stopped the dragon, pushing the Black Order back and securing a future for the Eamonvale Alliance and the Grand Kingdom of Nesis.

Since then efforts have been made to continue the advance towards defeating the Black Order for good however conflict has arisen between allies, slowing the War effort. A meeting has been called at the Grey Citadel between the allied factions of Telduria and the Black Order to resolve the conflict without more bloodshed. The Elves of the Forest Heart are represented by Lucius Khan, messenger, and advisor to King Llanos. The Dwarves in the North are represented by Bernarius Sandarion, a renown blacksmith and trusted friend of King Zigrin. The Grand Kingdom of Nesis is represented by Alvor Forestman, grandson of Kron-Nesis himself. Other minor factions are represented such as the Monks of Lathander by Shu Anand the Sultanate of Tamash Ahir by Qovir Mushallah. The Black Order has sent along Commander Duskblade, leader of the Black Order’s war effort. Only time will tell if a peaceful resolution can be found for this conflict.

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